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The Title The Official DO-TO-HOme Page is used with explicit permission of the game's author (fangdaslicht a@t gmx.de) Joachim Haack.

The World-Ranking-List's electronic copy is published with explicit permission of Joachim Haack and Günter Prschekopowitz. The official version is only the one published in "Der Schelmenstre!ch".

The rotating disk (puckfilm.gif) is used by kind permission of Georg Hasse.

The formula to the World-Ranking-List was redesigned and (to my surprise) formatted in HTML by Cordelia Methfessel.

The graphics for the WRL-menu "pwrlfilm.gif", the team colors ("tc*.gif") and the wallpaper "dth00001.gif" were created by Cordelia Methfessel.

The graphics for the rules "prul*.gif", and technical informations ("pdthfeld.gif", "pdth0001.gif") were created by Cordelia Methfessel.

Thank's a lot.

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