Even with a lot of people testing on different platforms (Unix/Netscape 3, Atari/CAB 1.5/2.6, Windows 3.1/Netscape 2.02/4.04, MacOS8/Netscape 4.04, Win95/MSExplorer 3 ...) there are still some bugs left or actually just builtin.
Many thanks to Cordelia, Kirsten, Martina, Günter, Joachim, Wolfgang, Georg, Doris, Ulrich and all the others for busy testing and other support.
Special thanks to Georg for the animated pictures.

And very special thanks to Cordelia for reformatting the WRL formula and translating it into HTML and English.

Known Problems, 27. Oct., 1999:

(special problems with version for old browsers)

with version using frames:

:-/ CSS style sheets are causing trouble when you will print any files. eg. with Netscape 4.0 the text begins on page 3.
In a vage hope more and more browsers get better even in printing style sheet documents here is just a helpful trick:

safe the document,
delete with an ascii editor following line

open the file with your browser - and
hope for the best your default fonts don't look too bad ;-)

Known Problems, 30. June, 1998:

:-( Parts of nested tables get lost if you are using Netscape 2 or 3.
I try to use them only in less informative (gimmick) documents.

Known Problems, 1. March, 1998:

:-( Although I am using html standards Netscape 2.02 doesn't show the wanted colours in the menues.
Since I seem to be the only one with such old browsers I won't care.

Known Problems, 1. Feb., 1998:

:-/ With the moving pictures there is the question of using JAVA coming up. - I'll try to find a way giving you an option without it.

:-) Remark, feb., 26th:
The JAVA script version (beta 1.1) seems to work with all common browsers. Only CAB 2.6 needs an option to navigate without changing just the two lower frames.

Known Problems, 1. Nov., 1997:

:-/ Today when releasing this pages I just started the redesign of Beta-Version 0.4 to use frames. Some links may show unwanted effects. Therefore most of them are just on comment.
Please help testing and tell any problems to Gerd Podszuweit, pascha (at) dotoho.de
Thanks a lot.

:-/ There are still no pictures because the scanner I used produced only chequered results.

Version for old browsers:

:-( There are tables in these pages which cannot be shown by Minuet, DosLynx, Knots etc. - a solution is near.

Note 1.Feb., 1998: Since there seems to be nobody who needs it any longer no effort is taken...
:-( From this file - as from the guestbook - there is no way back. I am looking for a solution without influence to the frame version. For now there is only the "return"-funktion or a new call to "index.htm".

© 1997 - 2007 Gerd Podszuweit, pascha (at) dotoho.de