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What is Do-To-Ho?

Do-To-Ho is a table ice hockey game for two players.

The playing figures are mounted on steel balls and slide on the slippery surface of the board like on real ice. When kicking them against the rubber band on the edge or against other figures you get effects similar to billiards.

You play three times five minutes. On the command "Do To Ho" both player hit one of the figures with a wooden stick to the puck to decide who is the first to start with offensive strokes. From then on it is always alternating two strokes of offence from one player and one of defence from his opponent until a goal is done or a playing figure falls - that is a foul and the figure has to leave the board until the next goal.
The offence falls to the other player if a mistake is made, e.g. a foul or the puck was missed and so on.

There are some more special rules - e.g. about "off side" - but it would be too boring to explain the whole rules right here. You would have more fun trying a real game.

Be careful: This Game Is Really Addictive!

Best prove are the many people who travel all through Germany to play the several tournaments and ligues. (look at the World Ranking List) As with Tipp-Kick or other games there is already a large group of fans who meet regularly. And of course the number of sunday players who do not score for the WRL is even higher.

Further information (only German - but nice pictures) and citations from game magazines are to be found on Joachim Haack's home page

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