Where can you play Do-To-Ho?

Beside the big events ("when") there are more possibilities to play Do-To-Ho a first time. Although boards were sold outside Germany we know only places in Germany where you can watch and join a regularly training.

  • Hamburg: Gerd Podszuweit
  • Hanover: Joachim Haack
  • others: please contact via Gerd Podszuweit
  • If you are looking for people to play with let me add your name to the list. Please don't forget to tell me if I should publish your complete address, just a phone number or just an email.

    E-mail: GerdPodszuweit@CompuServe.com

    Joachim Haack

    Tegeler Strasse 12

    30853 Langenhagen


    e-mail: fangdaslicht@gmx.de

    WWW: http://www.t-online.de/home/majoe/index.htm (Only German - but nice pictures!)

    Gerd Podszuweit

    Phone: +49 / 40 / 6 96 17 33 (answering machine)

    e-mail: PaScha@dotoho.de

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